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♪ to me ♪ to me go morning. we have seen the pictures for the past several days. a massive gas line ruptures and an entire neighborhood goes upi in flames in california, but a lot of people are asking how could it happen there, but also could it happen in your neighborhood? we are tracking gas lines across america. plus we take a live picture
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this morning at the washington monument in washington, d.c. tea party activist are gathering here shortly for another large rally. we'll explain what talking about today. from the cnn center, this is your cnncnn sunday morning,". 8:00 a.m. where i sit, and wherever you are i am glad you are with me. we are gting information about one of three hikers. her name is sarah shourd. they have been held and possibly charged withewe espionage. we thought she might be released today. we are getting an update from her attorney that in fact everything isow in place and she could be released as early as today or tomorrow. our reza sayah hasfo been
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following this story. he isis in islamabad for us. just how much back and fourth have we beenhaving? we thought she could be released, and then she wasn't. looks like reza is not hearing me. we will continue to work on getting him back up. let me go back. sarah shourd is her name. her along wit two friends have been held and were accused of being spies. we got word last week that there was a deal in place to allow her to have a conditional release, just t heard. we got that word late last week and we thought she was going to be released on saturday, and then iran came back and said things are not in place and the judicial pross has not played
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out, and now this morning there is word that she could be released if $500,000 in bail was paid. that's where we are now. now, new information whas been back to us, and now everything is in place for sarah shourd to be replaced as soon as the money is paid. $500,000. it's being called bail money, but once that is paid she would be released and go back to the united states, and that mney would be forfeited even if they did want to try her. but sh would be out of there. however, the fate of her two friends il up in the air. it appears they would be charged and still be held in prison and don't know what would come of them. our reza sayah is back up and can hear me. i have been trying to give the background here about the back
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and forth we have been seeing over t che laset couple days. at this point, reza, it sounds like everything is in place but money to ting for change hands? >> reporter: yeah, and t. j., what is remarkable, this is the first time the lawyer representing these hikers have met them since they were arrested back in july of 2009. for 13 months he has not been able to meet his clients. again, i just spoke with him about an hour ago, and he said he met them, and he said the hikers werall doing well and he sai sarah shourd was happy with the news, but her wish is three of the hikers to be releasedtogether. here is how the process will work according to the lawyer. the family will deliver the money to the swiss embassy, and then the swiss embassy will transfer the money to iran, and
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then sarah shourd will be released, and this will happen sometime within the nsext 24 hours. and as far as the other two hikers, a prosecutor told reporters they will not go anywhere and they will remai behind bars, and they are being investigated for spying when they were arrested last july. they allegedly crossed into iranian territory when they were hiking along the iran border. the ordeal is far from over r the two. good news for sarah shourd's family, if they can come up with the halfll of million dollars. >> do we know how the process works, reza, of getting the money to the irani offlsicia and do we know where the money might come from? that's a significant amount to come up with. >> reporter: yeah, i don't think that there is any doubt that
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this family is somehow going to come up with this money. i think the family itself, they are going to contribute some of the money. i would not be surprised if human rights groups makes contribution. at some point once they have that money, they wi transfer it to the swiss embassy. iran and the u.s. don't have diplomatic relations, so the swiss embassy plays the role of mediator in situations like this. and technically it's bail money. if she wants the money back, she will have to come back and face trl. 's unlikely i will happen. when foreigners have posted bail before, they never come back essentially for egoing that money. she probably will not return t
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iran again either. >> reza, we appreciate you. again, to the viewers, the word is for the attorney from the hikers that possibly sarah shourd will be released today or tomorrow. we will follow that story closely. and here is another story we are keeping a close eye on in kentucky. a rural part of the state where police shot and killed his wife, step son and three others before turng the gun on himself. the shootings happened around noon yesterday south of lexington. police are calling this a domestic dispute. the man was enraged over the way his wife cooked his eggs. in san bruno, california, now, investigators are investigating a decades old gas pipe. the investigation could take months and also dozens of homes
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were destroyed in that fire. also, from the bo ttom of the gulf of mexico to the center of a federal investigation, there it is on the barge, thes orang maun straus tea you see, that is the busted blowout preventer that did not prevent the blowout. rethey a trying to determine why ittfaed and when it failed it allowed millions of gallons of crude oil to gush into the gulf of mexico. we are keeping a close eye -- when i say "we," i mean me and reynolds, keeping an eye on igor. >> hold on one second -- >> turn that onor me, buddy. it's tricky, yeah, i know. >> these things work so much better wheny they are ke
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shocker. e storms are so far out there we need more than one map. there are three different things. this is of the coast of africa. and this is the named storm, igor, and then the third system is over here in theri caribbean the wester,n caribbean, this cluster of showers developing south of the dau minute conrepublic. and it's expected to move into an area with very little shear and warm water. possibly a major hurricane. as we fast-forward from monday into wednesday, there is a chance it could be a category 4 hurricane with gusts approaching 160. keep in mind there is a whole lot that may change in the next couple days, so we will keep an
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eye on it. at this point it doesn't look like it will interact with the u.s., for four or possibly even five days. meanwhile, we are watching showers develop across parts of the eastern seaboard all due to the area of low pressure. have you a stationary front and a dividing line is where we may could see some action. and as we wrap things up out west, i wish i could see we would see rain for colorado, and that's not the case, but the wind should not be that strong. we are sending it back to you, t. j. >> we appreciate you and will chat with you again shortly. we turnas to washington whe organizers are expecting tea party activist to descend on washington. ehis year it's a little different. yes, they are still calling on limited government, but we have mid-term election just a little ways away. our kate bolduan has more from
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washington. >> i will be a captain at station 23. >> reporter: until last year, gina bellof cincinnati, ohio, was apolitical. >> never made a phone call, and never went to door tooor until the 2008 election. >> reporter: now, she is a tea party leader in cincinnati, ohio. bell and fellow activist are nverging on washington as they did last year. >> can you hear us now? >> reporter: to rally against big government and for fiscal responsibility. what is your goal and hope for this year's 9/12 rally? >> to motivate people for this year's election, and get involved in campaigns that will make a difference.
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>> reporter: it's a different political climate. look no further tn the string of victories for the tea party endorsed candidates. >> i think there is a lot of political power in the decentralized movement. edu don't need a lot of money and you don't need the endorsement of the national party, because if you are on the ground getting out the vote and our neighbors, that results in victories. >> reporter: matt kibie re is a activist to the rally. reporter: what has changed since 9/12? >> it was a coming out party, the first time people got to place at one place at one time. and this year it's far more developed and sophisticated and ten fold bigger.
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>> reporter: when the rally ends, the rubber meets the roade >> the real test for the tea party is not november 2nd, butr november 3rd. we will have more leaders that have come in on the tea party wave, and then are they going to govern as responsible officials? >> we're going to be watching and we'renot walking away and we're not going back to our tvs, and we're going to be there. >> we're going to be there, and that's the big message of the day. and the day's eventsrnegin just this morning, and then the big rally is scheduled to kickoff at 2:00 eastern, of course, at the capital, following a march down pennsylvania avenue like last year. and it's forecast to rain at least for part of the day, and
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we'll see how that impacts the festivities. as you see from the tea party activist that we spoke to s yesterday, she is very motivated and she'll turn out rain or we'll see, t. j. >> we'll see if you will. >> i will be there as well. speaking of washington, we will tell you what is ahead for the president this week. as falls a bsy week. he meets with hisse nat tnal security team on afghanistan and pakistan, and then he will honon championship teams and student athleteses witthe reception at the white house. and then the national blue ribbon school. and then wednesday, he and the first lady attendhe hispanic caucus gala, and then thursday, in connecticut. people are asking how safe
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♪ 17inesast the hour now. that tranlgic gas explosion in san bruno, california, putting a spotlight on the underground and massive network of pipelines that transport gas and other hazardous liquids all over the country. josh levs here to give us a josh, most robably, people don't have anyde how much this is crisscrossin around the country. >> yeah, i am showing you a map. all the blue lines right here are intrastat pipelines. and everywhere you are seeing a
8:19 am
red line s. an inner state gas line. and i should be able to show you some of the basic statistics about the pipelines in the u.s. a total of 2.5 million miles of this. it woulde circle the earth 100 times. all of it underneath our country, onshore and offshore. now, here is a breakdown. the amount carryingazardous liquid. 175,000 miles of that, and 2.1 million miles are national gas distribution. we are taking a look at how big this is. who is overseeing it? it's a from the department of transportation pointing ot 3,000 different companies over
8:20 am
see i it's a huge network of companies involved in the pipelines. as we saw here, sometimes it can lead to tragedy. let's take a look at some of the i-reporter videos we have been getting. they have been doing a good job for us. these were taken safely. we talked to i-reporters before we show them and we make sure they did not go to danger in taking these. the contagressional research ha taken a look at the pipelines around the country and put together a report not long ago, and put together information. and th department of transportation notedat 23 natur gas pipeline accidents in 2008. 2.5 million miles, obviously, it's not like the tragedies are happening all the time. we have more and more lawmakers and ameran and i-reporters
8:21 am
making the videos, and they are saying the vast networkd and t fact that it can happen, they want to know doesor more need t be done and if so what will be done to prevent another tragedy from happening. >> we hope nothing like that will ever happen again. we appreciate u as always. we want to update the viewers on the story we are following. sarah ouferd and two fellow hikers have been held in iran in the past year. iran now saying for $500,000 in bail money they are allowing her, and just her, to leave. we have been in contact for the representatives of the mothers of the three. you can imagine all the media request they are getting, and that's why they need somebody to be speaking and handlingedia on their behalf. but the rep telling us the mothers will not make statements
8:22 am
just yet. they are, like a lot of people, watching the news and following this very closely, everything that is happening, but will not be making statements just yet. they want to take it all in, and then decide what they want to do and what they are going to say. these mothers don't want to do anything that will jeopardize what appears to be a good case scenario of at least one of the three hikers getting out. sarah shourd, and joshfattal, and shane bauer. and a lawyer that the families detained in december of 2009, and so december of last year, they a remained this attorney, d that attorney was able to meet with them and said they were doing fine and also told w reza sayah, who is reporting on the story for us, that in fact everything seems to be in place and they believe sarah should be
8:23 am
able to be out of there byor toy or tomorrow. you will remember the story, again, a year ago the three were accused of going into iran, and they say they passed into the border from iraq from h aiking d they were accused of spying. josh and shane, don't know what their fate will be. they will be charged and will have to stay. sarah will be able to go once $500,000 in bail is paid. the lawyer says that could ppen today or tomorrow. she is by all reports dealing with serious medical issues and she is not getting the medical attention she needs according to her family. we are on top of the story f you here, and a lot of developments on that story this morning. some hopeful ones at least for the family of the three. 23 past the hour. a quick break and we'll be right back. to anything we throw at it. then let's get it installed, and save money on the whole project.
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i have been making this argument for ye jars. if they just would have let me sleep longer i would have done much better in school, and now carl azuz is here to prove my point, right? >> well in a way. we have a survey. would your life be better if they could sleep an extra 30 minutes. they asked them about their sleep habits, and then delayed the bell, and started later, and pushed it to 8:30, and asked students what did they think? on a whole the students said they were less annoyedri and irritated and less likely to go to the clinic for exhaustion
8:28 am
related illnesses. and we don't know if there was a difference in student performance, and so you have a group of students used to waking up around 8:00, and now they get to come in lat ter. for many of them that was better. a third thing that i thought was interesting, was what about schools that keep from 8:30, w 9:00 the time for em? >> yeah, keep pushing it back, yes, sir. >> we asked them, what is your ideal art w time? >> what wod that be? >> for me 12:00 to 2:00 when i was back in school. but many of them said, we have to be in school a certain number of hours to begin with, and so many of them said let's start early and get out early.
8:29 am
>> get it over early. d> yeah, a lot of them said that. abby said he start time was at 7:00, and she said if u don't like that go to bed early. and they get out in time for the afternoon, and sheiked that. and colton said he had the best idea. they wake up at 5:00. free energy dris at school and only have to go to school at 1:00. students and energy drinks? i don't know if teachers would be onboard with that. and some were saying we would be willing to get up and get out earlier, if he could get out earlier. t others saying no way, 8:00 to 5:00, and that's the way to go. students are recommended to get 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours of sleep at night. as we mature from kids to
8:30 am
adults, our brains change. >> how much sleep did you get last night? >> not enough. the braves had 12 innings. i am bragng. >> always good to see you, buddy. > something we are pleased to share with you, and some are pointing to it as a possible florida example. d the is another pastor in memphis, tennessee, that is welcoming in a muslim congregaon. we have both sides of this story. the two men involved. there they are. we're going to check in, guys, from my old stomping ground, memphis, and that's coming up after the break. p. took a shower... or took a pill. then i tried dr ug-free breathe right. and instantly, i breathed better! i slept better. i felt...better. thank you, breathe right! [ male announcer ] breathe better, sleep better, feel better. now try breathe right for free...
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so they can focus on serving their customers. , you're ready for real business. 33 minutes past the hour. we are looking at a story making
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headlines this morning. iran is putting a price tag on the release of the u.s. hiker, sarah shourd. shored could be she could be released today or tomorrow. her release comes with a steep price tag, though. $500,000 in we just talked to the pr firm, and the mothers are not talking just yet. and the attorney just met for the first time -- again, for the first time, since the three werc detained back in july of 2009. again, we will follow this story very closely. protests, rallies and complaints about islamic centers ac and mosques across parts of the country. a church in tennessee, staying far removed from all that controversy by goingeyond
8:35 am
preaching religious tall yuns. the clergy opened their doors to eir neighbors that had no place to observe the holy month of ramadan. >> these words say it all. >> once we put up the sign, probably within three days people from the islamic center contacted us and were overwhelmewith emotion that we would be so welcoming. >> reporter: he says when he heard about plans for the multimillion dollar islamic center being built near his church, he knew he would have to reac >> i did not know about islam, and i knew one fellow who is it muslim, and it was going to be a learning process for me, but we follow jesus and he tells us to love our neighbors. >> stoneyssa he hopes by putting out a welcome mat for muslims, it will send a message
8:36 am
to those that associate christians with anti-islam. >> i can't judge the people that are christian, but i just know to take the name of christ and to be hateful and do hateful insult.s a real >> stone says the heart song in church congregation is taking its new relation sh with the members of the islamic center, one step further. >> they came and asked usou t ue our facility for the ramadan prayers, which we thought was a honor. >> so while we have been seeing a florida pastor, who says he has a christian church in florida, kind of msaking a spli between chrisis anti-and islam, and now they join us live.
8:37 am
and mr. sadiki is from the islamic center. and let s me start with you. it sounds like it goes against everything else we have been seeing franklyn the news lately. explain what that was like for you in memphis. >> it was an unbelievable experience. we really did not expect all of this attention, because i think for bo congregations, we were trying to be just doing our religious duties, beings good neighbors and trying to accommodate one another, and when all the attention shifted to us, and we were talking to everybody about our ,experience, i think the month got better as it been the along.
8:38 am
we were supposed to move into the new bidding during ramadan, and so we ended up staying the whole month. >> given what were seeing in florida, and the mosque near ground zero, did you expect to be more -- or have you seen much of theac any neg negative reaction to your islamic center? >> i won't say it was not a surprise as much as just knowing that wedd ha such good neighbor, not only were we saying we welcome you, but we really welcome you and we will open the doors and let you come in and use our facility and it has been going on for,
8:39 am
you know, 20 or 30 years now. >> let me bring pastor stone in here now. how did your parishioners react to you wanting to open your doors to muslims? >> 95% of our people are enthusiastic about it and very proud. we were there every night to host our neighbors and there was a lot of gratitude and a lot of tears, and we would get thanked every night. we would always say and mean from the bottom of our o hearts it's our honor to host our neighbors. >> pastor stone, maybe a double edged stone, would you like to get m aore attention and set an example, but the more attention you get are you afraid there will be more of a backlash and people coming down on you for what you did? >> i finally paid for my since
8:40 am
for loving my islamic brothers and sisters, because my yard t rolled this morning. and i think 95% of the country are of goodwill and love each other, and this isti reflectivef who we are in memphis and around the whole country. >> were you nervous at all, not a lo of attention drawn to your center there over the past year, but given what has happened in the past several months i new rk and in florida, were you concerned -- know you said memphis was a tolerant ple, but were concned about what could happen down the road? >> well, i think that we can't really speak authoriwith author about the muslim world. the whole inner faith community, they work great together and there is a lot of efforts going on.
8:41 am
we had different mosques and churches throughout the last 20 years that has done something similar. when we purchased the land, we have been praying out of a small chapel in germantown, and pastr laverne and his congregation out there have hosted us for three years. it's a smaller facility, but we make our daily prayers o there every day. they accommodate us, and we try to work with them ande mak sure that we are not stepping on each other's toes in terms of timing andofschedules. but there is a lot of examples like that in e city. >> pastor stone, if you could speak to that pastor in floridar or to any others who are right now objecting to islamic centers or mosques around the country, atwh would you say to them to encourage them to d o what you do, which was literally let muslims into your home? >> i understand the fear that is in people, because i think it's
8:42 am
human nature to fear people we don't know. but not to let the fear rule them. to act on it and get to know people and get to know your neighbors and introduce yourself, and once you know real people, then thatecomes the primary relationship. >> paths pastor stone, that's a word to end on. gentlemen, appreciate you both being here. when i am back home, i will try and stop by and say hello toou y both. >> thank you. a quick break and we're right back. is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. the poweand versatility the craftsmanof six toolslti-tool. packed into one. more innovation. more great values. craftsman. trust. in your hands.
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i am just keeping the seat warm here for candy crowley coming up on "state of the union" in a few minutes. always good to see you. how is it going this morning, first of all? >> it's rainbut we have big rally here today from the tea party group. it will be interesting to s ow the weather affects demonstrations, as i generally does. >> now the tea party will be playing into some actual elections coming up. what kind of impact are we expecting from the tea party folks? >> that's oneno of the question. we know they had an affect to the primary because it's on the republican side where we have seen inmbent thrown out during hee primary side. the question is can they pull it off in the general election, and then what?they go into the sena house dealing with more
8:45 am
mainstream republicans, and how is that going to work. it's one of the topics we will talk abou >> we just saw yesterday ninth anniversary of 9/11, and that will be talked about on show as well. ate you taking a security angle? e people are wondering what the threats are, and are we sure we are that much safer? >> we have new polling showing that most americans n't think that we are that much safer than we were nine years ago. we have a new report that shows that in fact the threat has changed, it's less about organized terrorism than about people that attach themselves to al qaeda, and not the lone wolfs, but the singular acts at we have seen, and homegrown terrorist, the u.s. citizens are said to be the biggest threat. we will talk to homeland securityne secretary, janet
8:46 am
napolitano, and former homeland security secretary, chertoff. >> 9:00 eastern time,6:00, pacific, for "state of the union."
8:47 am
experts are calling it an epidemic, pitching injuries in youth baseball, but are these things preventible. dr. sjay gupta has the fit
8:48 am
nation fryou. >> reporter: you might be surprised at what he has to say. >> iid would not let a kid at eleven years old to throw a breaking ball. >> reporter: why does he say that? it puts too much stress on preteen elbows. >> over time we are seeing an epidemic of over use injuries, and an epidemic of shoulder and elbow tinjuries. >> reporte that often means surgeries and pitching career is over before it started. >> teach them how tory pitch an don't worry so much about the curveball. there is plenty of time for that. >> reporter: the problem is that young players are getting injured because they are playing too many innings per game. it's hard when professional baseball is such a draw. >> i want to be a professional baseball player. >> many young players and coaches don't always get this message. play less to play longer.
8:49 am
>> those who are getting significant injuries at 19 or 20 years old you can ually trace it back to overusewhen he was younger. >> reporter: he is hoping these little leaguers catch on. >> don't throw curve balls. >> yeah, that's not good. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cn cnn, atlanta. mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste budslt it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother. cry herself to sleepevery night over my arteries, but have yourself a bowl.
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we turn to san bruno, california, once again. the safety board is focusing their attention on a decade's old natural pipeline that may have been at the root of the explosion and fire. cnn's ted rollins on the latest with the investigation. >> reporter: surveillance from inside the grocery store am th quarter mile from the explosn shows the power of the blast and then chaos. watch closely. at first people stop what they are doing, and then a few seconds later the doors are literally pushed in by the force of the explosion.
8:53 am
frantic customers are seen runningrom one of the exits while others tried desperately to get out of the store. one of the victims, 20-year-d jessica morales worked at the very store. her friend, dana hernandez, showed us jessica's facebook page which is today filled with condolences. her boyfriend was with jessica when she died. >> he tried to go back in and save her, but he couldn't do anything because the fire, i guess, was getting her. >> at least four people lost their lives in this tragedy, and cadaver dogs are being used to search for the missing. because of the intensity of the blast it's possible the missing if they were killed may never be found. meanwhile, pressure is building for answers as to exactly what could have caused this explos n explosion. >> many questions must be answered by all of us whose job
8:54 am
it is to protect our people. what was the cause of the blast, first and foremost? were there records of odors f escaping from thehe pipeline? if there were reports what actions took pla in response to the complaints? does danger lie in similar in populated is there enough monoring going on? >> the local gas company, pg &e said they are look into the reports that people smelled the gas days before the expln. many showed up to the community meetg demanding answers as to when they could get back into their homes and is their neighborhood safe. >> reporter: at this point, they have not come to any conclusions and they warn it could take months before a cause is determined. ted rollins, cnn, san bruno, california. turn to weather now, and that means we will turn tof. reynolds wolf.
8:55 am
we need to head west, i am told, for the good stuff? >> unfortunately the weather in places like coloro will look beautiful, and what they need is rain and rough weather in terms of showers and a gd thunderstorm or two, but that's not the picture. if you want rain you will head towards seattle. off the carolinas, off of the outer banks and the south carolina coastline, we are seeing showers and thunderstorms that are developing. we may see more activity on parts of the i-10 corridor later on m today, and even in t northeast, you might see scattered showers by late afternoon, and perhaps the eastern half of the great lakes. and high pressure will be building in ohio valley. and in terms of your temperatures onig this day, can you expect your highs to climb back in the 90sth in the gulf coast, and high humidity, feeling muggy.
8:56 am
82 in st. louis, and 86 in kansas city. warmer in places like las vegas and phoenix, 105. a beautiful day in chicago, out by wrigl field, high temperature pulling up to 81 degrees. and that's a quick snapshot of your forecast around the country. we have more coming up right cnn sunday. see you in a few. we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪ style that lasts a lifetime. what do you say we get the look we want, the soft feel we need, and have it stand up to anything we throw at it. then let's get it installed,
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taking a lo at some of the stories making headlines. $500,000that's what the government wants for the exchange for sarah shourd.
9:00 am
the lawyer representinger

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